Founded in 1994 our company concentrated on the distribution of industrial boats and on the investment in large vessels.



In 2002 we develloped Mallorca-Skipper as a platform for professional skippers taking care of our oceans.


Blue became the new green by living our idea of sustainable yachting. We used more sails, more solar-panels and bigger batteries on our cruises instead of diesel-burning engines and generators.


So we could stay in quiet clear-water bays without using the loud and smelling generator.



2009 we met the solaryacht visionary Michael Köhler from Solarwave who developed a 46ft solaryacht. Together we drove down the river Rhine to visit the boat-show "Boot" in Düsseldorf in January 2010.


The fair organised a special booth for the 1st Solarwave. Mr. Reiner Calmund (http://www.reinercalmund.de) named and christened this first electric solaryacht.


After the boat-show this solar-catamaran cruised up the river Rhine from Düsseldorf to Mainz and Frankfurt against 8-10 km/h current, still in winter with little sun but lots of snow and ice. We even could build snowmen on deck. The cold journey ended in the Mediterranean Sea after having passed Danube and Black Sea. The 1st Solarwave is still cruising the Ionian Sea.



From March 2015 until August 2016 Solarwave and we were in Antalya (Turkey) to build the next solar powered electrical catamaran, 64ft long (about 19 meters). This 2nd solaryacht cruised from Turkey to Greece, Italy, South France, and Spain so that thousands of nautical miles sunpower-cruising could be tested. And Solarwave suceeded.


Journalists called it the "TESLA of the SEAS" (Le Tesla des Mers) the 1st time in November 2015 and often again while testing this electric solaryacht.



Having been involved in boats and vessel since 1994 and in sustainable yachting since 2002, having sailed tenthousands of nautical miles and knowing some parts of all the 7Seas, your profit is now a unique experience in yachting and nautical devices.


Together with Solarwave we have visited and exhibited at boat-shows in Miami, Cannes, La Grande Motte, Singapore, Düsseldorf, Dubai and with Solarwave & EcoMarineGlobal at the fair Intersolar in Munich.



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