Your decision: Purchase a yacht alone or with others


Purchasing alone: Please contact your distributor or our sales-team for specs, options, delivery-time & your final price.


Thinking about some form of acquiring a "next-generation solar yacht" to enjoy but also wish to have a good return on investment? Why not invest with others and share one boat?


Purchasing with others means joining a small club of equivalent people. For example, you are free to buy around 6% of a fully equipped luxury high-end solar-yacht, which is about 100k. In our graphics below, you will find 4 others with 400k, 2x250k and 500k, all together 1.5 mio. Investing your part of 100k you can use your yacht 3 weeks per year for free, which is about 3 x 15k (net charter-costs per week) = 45k p.a. After three years, your holidays will be for free - and your carbon-solar-yacht investment still exists with a very little loss in value.


For most yacht-users buying a full-time boat may not be practical as it would not be enjoyed most of the year.




There are many options and plans available for your investment ideas. Let's discuss your interests and investment.


Truly the next generation of sailing (100% solar yachts) and acquisition!


Our companies are secured by own assets and by bank-guarantees. Our clients enjoy highest possible safety by trusted cash-flows, neutral milestone surveyors and accurate real-time information.


Please ask our team for more information:


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