Charter out your boat and use it whenever you want to


Purchase your solaryacht and use it during your favourite holiday-weeks. During all other weeks of the year, your solarboat can be chartered out to paying clients.


Skilled captains or skipper-couples will care for your boat.


Simplified calculation for instance:


1.5 Mio. purchase price

+ 384k p.a. charter weeks per year: 50 weeks possible but not realistic

- 197k p.a. costs (repairs, skippers, insureances and many more)

= 187k p.a. net revenue (income ./. expenses)  |  12,5% profit ratio

+ 4 weeks personal usage per year.


Calculated with high- and low-seasons, weeks without charter-guests (no income), weeks for repairs and maintenances (no income).


Costs per year are calculated with Carribean (in USD) and Mediterranean (in EUR) experiences of yachts with equivalent sizes. Skippers as a couple (=double costs).  


Income can be tax-free with our charter-management in Dubai, UAE.


Please ask our charter-team for more information:


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