64ft Solarwave solaryachts - electric powerboats for silent cruising


Journalists say "the TESLA of the seas" because this solaryacht is made for long-range electric-cruising.


Powered by solar only there is no need to start the diesel-engine. Battery-capacity is calculated for more than one night of permanent cruising. If sun is not shining for several days, the range-extender is a safe and reliable power-source, that guarantees fully charged batteries.


As soon as sun is shining again, all batteries will be filled up for free. This saves large amounts of fuel and money, it also guarantees more comfort, silent cruising and "unlimited" energy on anchor.


The 64ft is availbale right now, price begins at about € 2 Mio.



Solarwave & Silent solarboats offer following advantages compared to a normal powered motor- or sailing-catamaran:


|  lower price

|  lower maintenance- and repair-costs

|  lower costs for propulsion and household

|  no smellings, no vibrations, no noises, real silent cruising

|  independend from wind-directions

|  highest levels in reliability and security


Please ask for specs and options-lists via info@yachts.solar

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