55ft Cruiser & Sailer solaryachts, engineered in Germany


The Solarwave "Silent 55ft" solaryachts are available up from about € 1.1 / $ 1.3 Mio.


You can chose between a sailing and a power boat, both are electric, both are solar-powered.


On the solar-sailer the sunpanels-area is smaller due to rigg and sails.


However both are quiet, and there is no need for a diesel-generator in silent bays.


Comparing our Solarwave and Silent solarboats to 55ft catamarans of other well-known companies, ours is not more expensive but much more comfortable and still unique.



Solarwave & Silent solarboats offer following advantages compared to a normal powered motor- or sailing-catamaran:


|  lower price

|  lower maintenance- and repair-costs

|  lower costs for propulsion and household

|  no smellings, no vibrations, no noises, real silent cruising

|  independend from wind-directions

|  highest levels in reliability and security


Please ask for specs and options-lists via info@yachts.solar


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