Autonomy and Luxury: Solarwave solaryachts are able to cruise 24/7 withouf fuel and diesel. Lithium-batteries provide enough energy for propulsion and household (TV, PCs, air-con, fridge, ice-cubes, watermaker, and many more) and are recharged by the sun.


Batteries: BMW i3 and other well-known battery-banks are in use and if you like any other brand (like TESLA or LG) our engineers agree with.


Cooling & Heating: In all cabins, bathrooms and in the saloon an aeration-system provides fresh air, cool or warm.


Reliability: E-motors, batteries, and solarpanels are almost completely free of maintenance and thus almost free of these costs. Our systems are at least doubled for safety reasons. The catamaran itself causes a redundancy already (battery-banks and motors in each hull), plus a safety-generator and doubled Raymarine or Simrad instruments.


Luxury: In contrast to sailing- and "normal" motor-boats, energy and fresh water are always available without a generator.


Our solar-yachts are silent and emission-free.


Performance and Efficiency: Our yachts have less weight, wave-drag, and friction than boats of equivalent sizes. Besides streamlined shapes, towing-tank optimized underwater-lines and high-end materials (carbon, aramid, epoxy-resin) make them much more efficient.


Range: Unlimited (24/7) with electric propulsion.


Safety: E-motors are safer than any other propulsion like sails or diesel-engines.


Speed: Cruising-speed: 6-12 knots (depending on size and options), maximum speed: 25 knots.


Support: 7SolarSeas buyers are never alone - an oceanwide working assistance-number is provided. This hotline is not only polite and friendly but also perfectly educated in technical and nautical solutions.


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