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Dubai Boat Show 2017



September 2016, Canal of Corinth, Greece:


Dear Capt. Mike,


thank you so much for taking us through the canal. Although we have passed it several times already, we have never did it so quiet. It was such a unique impression, to hear... NOTHING.


Absolutely fantastic - during the first meters we were not sure if there were any engines at all, we felt like floating down a river - but in the Canal there was no current to move us. It really came from the electric engines which were totally noiselss. So cool. Additional to the silence, we could not smell any exhaust fumes at all, no diesel- or fuel-smelling... while the "sailing"-boats in front of and behind us needed their diesels, because sailing is forbidden in the canal. It was the best passage ever - all boats should be like this because THIS is how boating should be: silent, healthy, free.


If I could afford, I would blindly buy one of your solar-boats. It is unique and briliant. Thank you so much. 


Hope to see you again soon.


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