24/7 nautical support


7SolarSeas yacht buyers are never alone - together with the launch of the yachts, a personal worldwide working assistance-number is provided. This hotline is not only polite and friendly but also perfectly educated in technical and nautical solutions. This is your unique 7SolarSeas support - ask for it elsewhere.



Though electric boats do not need as much maintenance as diesel- or sailing-yachts, it is nice to know that there are skilled and trained people who can help 24/7, not only a call-center-agent or an answering machine.


The Solarwave-systems are at least doubled for safety reasons. The catamaran itself causes a redundancy already (battery-banks and motors in each hull), plus a safety-generator and doubled Raymarine or Simrad instruments.


Though solar-panels and electric motors can normally not break down or fall out, it is nice to know whom to call in case of steering-problems or even a black-out. Almost all issues can be solved easily via remote-control, even in low radio regions.


7SolarSeas guarantees a professional service, worldwide, oceanwide.

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