Welcome to the SOLARYACHTS by Solarwave & Silent-Yachts


Our companies, labels, and yachts live the idea of sustainability on the 7seas.

This is why we now concentrate on Solarwave & Silent-Yachts electric solar catamarans.

7SolarSeas stand in for clear blue water without combustion engines.  


No fuel, no diesel, no oil, no gas, no smelling, no vibrations. This is real silent yachting, totally free of emissions. Thus, the yachts we are distributing are much more than a hybrid boat only.


We are proud to introduce our new seasational Solarwave-solaryachts:


55ft electric solar loaded powerboat


55ft electric solar loaded sailingboat


64ft electric solar loaded powerboat


75ft electric solar loaded powerboat


Please refer to info@yachts.solar for specs, options, more details and information. 


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